Inventory for the Tenancy

Deposit Protection is a legal requirement, so it’s very important that you have a comprehensive inventory which also acts as a safety check-list and a statement or schedule of condition.

The inventory records all the contents of the property, shows that you have carried out your obligations by checking the safety requirements and also records the state or condition of everything in the property when the tenancy commences, to be compared with when it ends.

Photographic evidence is ideal to supplement a written Inventory, but remember to get your tenants to sign and date the back of every copy of the photographs to indicate agreement. Attach copies of the photographs to the tenant’s and the Landlord/Agent’s copies of the Inventory for future reference, alternatively some inventory reports are produced with printed photos.

Doing an inventory yourself is fine if it’s done properly, but using an Independent Inventory Company is even better.

You will find a national UK list of Independent Inventory Clerk Companies in the LandlordZONE® Directory – Inventory Services

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