The Tenancy Check-in & Check-out Procedures

When you Check-in a new tenant to your property there’s a little more to it than just signing the Tenancy Agreement and completing the Inventory Checks.

It’s a really good idea to use what we call a “Check-In Check-out Checklist” so you don’t forget anything – if you don’t follow a checklist you are almost certain to forget something important in the pressure of the moment.

We supply a Check-In and Check-Out Form as a free download, see the “Documents” link.

The Check-Out process is just the reverse of the Check-In so you can use the same form, or a copy of the form again.

Get the tenant to sign the form so there’s no argument later that important checks were not done, especially things like testing smoke alarms with the tenants present – you give your tenants a photocopy later for their own records.

These are examples of Check-In items:
  • Tenancy Application Form – complete in all key details and signed by tenant
  • Credit Check
  • Identity Check
  • Right to Rent Checks
  • Gas Safety Certificate Issued
  • EPC issued
  • Current Edition – Government’s “How to Rent Guide” issued
  • Tenancy Agreement – pre-read by tenants and any guarantors
  • Guarantor Agreement – Deed of Guarantee witnessed (if applicable)
  • Standing Order
  • First Month’s Rent
  • Holding Deposit – credited to Damage Deposit (if applicable)
  • Damage Deposit – you must comply with the Deposit Protection Scheme if you take one.
  • Meter Readings
    • Gas:
    • Electricity:
    • Water:
    • Inventory / Photos (tenants must sign and date all copies and photos) (Tenant(s) – please check and respond within 7 days with any queries)
    • Smoke Alarm(s) Fire Alarms(s) (Operation verified – tenants – please check regularly – change batteries as necessary)
    • Appliance instructions (ALL operating and safety instructions supplied)
    • Burglar Alarm (Operation verified – code and emergency contact details supplied)
    • Mail – forward any previous occupiers’ mail to:
    • Mail – forward any landlord’s mail to: address
    • Bins, Rubbish collections and recycling rules.
    • Stop Taps, Fuses & Isolator locations
    • Emergency Contact Details and Telephone Numbers
    • Keys – place all keys on a photo copier and take a copy of all keys given. Date: Agreed and Signed by Landlord & Tenant(s)
    • Original Copy for Landlord
    • Copy of Checklist to Tenants

These are example items – you may need to add more of your own as appropriate.

Download a Free Check-In and Check-Out Form here.

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