Key Steps in the TenantVERIFY® Process

What are the Key Steps in using our service? We aim to make this process as simple and quick as is humanly possible, given that this is an online service. Follow these Key Steps and you will find that out system works really efficiently.

The 4 Stage TenantVERIFY® Process:

  1. The Application – Register for a User Account – user accounts are FREE, secure and without obligation, then choose the type of check and process method you want:
    • a. Send a Link to your tenant applicant for online completion – this is the fastest method, or
    • b. e-mail the pdf form over to your tenant and have them complete, scan and return it via e-mail, or
    • c. print off a form and have the applicant complete it by hand.
  2. Submitting Information – when your online form is returned – you check the information to make sure it is accurate and click on the “submit button”. For e-mailed and printed forms – transfer the information from the completed application form to our online form before submitting it. You will then be passed through to our bank’s secure payment system.
  3. Processing – we will do our detailed checks and analysis on the information supplied, along with any photos / documents you uploaded, all of which will be stored on your User Account Control Panel for future reference.
  4. The Decision – we will compile a completed report about your applicant based on a wide range of checks and our years of experience. We will give you our clear decision – Accept, Accept with Caution, or Reject.

We do the rest; we will carry out our Credit Checks, finance and residency checks and a detailed risk analysis on the Applicant, plus referencing where appropriate. We will compile a detailed report with our recommended decision and upload this to your account.

SMS text messages and emails will be sent to prompt you and the Applicant at critical stages in process, and you can be assured we will complete the work with the utmost diligence and urgency.

If you would like help or more information about using our systems please contact us via email or telephone.

See our User Guide here

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