TenantVERIFY® Products and Services

In conjunction with your application as a landlord or letting agent, we will carry out searches (Credit Checks, Risk Analysis and Referencing) on your behalf with the licensed credit reference agency (or agencies) we deem appropriate, and other internal and external information sources and we may check all or selected details of your tenancy application.

It is your responsibility as landlord or agent to ensure that your prospective tenant has signed the TenantVERIFY® tenancy application form (either in writing or electronically), authorising you and TenantVERIFY® to carry out the appropriate credit checks, searches and referencing. You must retain a copy of the form for future reference, in a secure manner, considering the confidential and personal information it contains, in accordance with the principles of the data Protection Act 1998.

It is your responsibility as landlord or agent to verify the identity and obtain residency details (for at least 6 years) of the prospective tenant before carrying out checks with TenantVERIFY®. You do this by having sight (face-to-face) of the prospective tenant’s original and current identification documents, e.g., driver’s licence, passport, recent utility bills and bank statements.

These ID checks are particularly important for verification of Right-to-Rent where copies of these documents are required to be kept. We recommend you take phone picture “mug shot” of your Applicant for your records.

It is your responsibility as landlord or agent to safeguard tenant applicants’ personal data when transmitting and receiving application forms.

As landlord or agent you expressly consent to the storage of your data on our secure data base and the carrying out of searches and the retention of information obtained about your prospective tenants.

Tenant Applicants (by signing the application form) expressly consent to TenantVERIFY® passing on the results of searches to a prospective landlord or agent, and if necessary relevant third parties, for the purpose of assessing a prospective tenant’s application, credit standing, rental insurance decisions, for fraud prevention or the tracing of debtors.

Distribution of information obtained on a prospective tenant’s application or report by landlords or agents is strictly prohibited, unless the third party is directly involved in the decision making process in a professional capacity, and only in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

TenantVERIFY® Reports obtained by landlords or agents must be stored securely at all times, considering the personal and confidential information they contain, in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. The Reports should not be disclosed to tenant Applicants. Reports should be securely destroyed once the information they contain is no longer relevant.

Landlords or Agents MUST NOT allow tenants to have direct access to their online accounts with TenantVERIFY®.

By submitting an application to TenantVERIFY® the landlord or agent, and the prospective tenant Applicant/s, are confirming that they provide true, accurate and complete information, to the best of their knowledge and belief.

TenantVERIFY® services relate to the vetting of prospective tenants in relation to tenancy and property lease applications. The information obtained should not be applied to any other credit or contract agreements.

TenantVERIFY® is a provider of information which is historical, based on a range of the most up-to-date, accurate and reliable information sources known to us at the time of our search, and in relation to the information supplied to us on the tenancy application form. Whilst historical information is usually a good indication of a tenant applicant’s likely future performance, TenantVERIFY® cannot be held responsible and no liability is accepted for the future conduct or actions of the prospective tenant Applicant.

TenantVERIFY® cannot be held responsible for inaccurate data obtained in good faith from public records and authorised reference agencies, though we use only highly reputable and market leading suppliers in this regard.

TenantVERIFY® cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of references obtained from employers, previous landlords or letting agents, though every effort is made to authenticate the source and the information obtained, and to inform referees of their own legal obligations.

In the case of International Checks, not all countries operate the same Credit Reporting systems and standards as is the case in the UK. Some are inferior to the standards typically operated in the UK, Western European, Anglo Saxon or Anglo American / Australasian regions. Data from some countries may be limited to identification verification only. Whilst credit/bank bureau enquiries are available in these countries, institutions do not always hold full credit information. Where possible we will indicate this on the countries listed and the reports we issue. International Checks will provide information which is of the highest standard available to us at the time of the check for the country concerned. In some all foreign regions we are relying on trusted third-party agencies to provide us with credit and identity information.

In the case of Rent Guarantee and legal protection Insurance, we are approved by many of the leading insurers offering this type of cover on the basis that the applicants (tenants) concerned pass a full Comprehensive Check, without any qualification or recommendations. However, if you are intending to use a different insurance company to our own insurance associates, or the ones we recommend, you should first check that they will accept our reports. Where a tenant applicant fails to get an outright success, it is sometimes possible to obtain insurance cover with a suitable guarantor, but this is where there are definitely no County Court Judgments or debt problems (CCJs) involved. If there is any doubt always consult us or the insurance company first.

In the case of Tenant Tracing we will attempt to trace the subject/s in the shortest time possible. However, it is never possible to trace 100% of subjects, though given sufficient time we are tracing on average around 95% of them. The longer you give us to trace, the more chance of success, as it can take days or even several weeks for subjects to establish themselves as a “footprint” in a new area. If we are unsuccessful we will always give a 50% refund as promised*, but we do insist that we are given sufficient time to trace a subject. We diarise traces and repeatedly search the data bases. Every search we do costs us money, so it is our own interest to find your subject in the shortest possible time.

* Refunds on Tenant Traces are subject to (1) you supplying us with accurate information on the individual concerned, and (2) you applying for a refund within 30 days of our exhaustive search conclusions or you receiving our report.

On no account should you commence legal procedings against a traced individual without first verifying their identity.

Some online goods and services available via our Web Sites are provided by third party suppliers which means that: (a) the contract for the goods or services in question will be made directly between you and the relevant supplier. In all cases this means that there will be separate terms and conditions governing the contract as each supplier has its own terms and conditions relating to the supply of their goods or services. Please ensure that you have read the relevant supplier’s terms and conditions before you purchase. You can obtain a copy of the supplier’s terms and conditions from their web site or by contacting the supplier direct, and (b) in the case of all third party suppliers we act as marketing introducer only, you purchase direct from them and we have no contractual liability to you in respect of the goods or services provided by the third party supplier.

TenantVERIFY® reserves the right to update their data bases should a new application contain information which is relevant to an existing entry or a pending investigation.

TenantVERIFY® reserves the right to withhold any information which contravenes UK or International laws.

Amendments or modifications to any reports issued by TenantVERIFY® is strictly prohibited.

Applications by or for more than one party to an agreement will result in a connection between the two at the credit reference agency.

Payments must be processed before checks are carried out.

By submitting the application you agree to all these terms and conditions.

Abuse of the TenantVERIFY® service will result in immediate termination of your TenantVERIFY® Account.

By submitting an application you confirm that you have read and understood these terms and conditions. If you have any questions please contact us before submitting.

Do not under any circumstance submit applications for prospective tenant checks, searches and referencing and other products unless you are willing to fully comply with these terms and conditions.

The Jurisdiction is England

We comply with the GDPR when retaining and processing personal data for the minimum period necessary in pursuit of our legitimate interests, forming the legal basis of managing our operation, and fulfilling any contractual obligations to you, as permitted under Article 6 of the GDPR and in accordance with our Privacy Policy here.

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