Tenant’s Information Pack

When you let a residential property there’s a certain amount of information that you need to supply to your tenant.

It’s a good idea to supply an Information Pack or Information File, ideally a sturdy ring binder which keeps all the information together when it’s needed.

Always supply photo-copies of the main documents such as operating instructions as you may not get the pack returned at the end of the tenancy and you’ll need these again.

Keep the originals safe because as appliances and equipment age it may not be possible to obtain replacements from the manufacturers.

Some information you supply to the tenant is a legal requirement like appliance operating and safety instructions, whilst other information is supplied as a courtesy.

Suggested Content for Your Tenant’s Information Pack
  • Welcome letter – the usual courtesies
  • Information about the locality: shops, laundry, post office, pubs and restaurants, cinemas etc
  • Travel Information – buses, trains etc
  • Emergency contact details
  • Cold weather instructions – warnings about leaving the property without heating in winter
  • Condensation advice – warnings about venting steam, clothes drying and maintaining a minimum level of heating.
  • Locations of Stop Taps, Isolator Switches, Fuses etc
  • Operating and Safety Instructions for all appliances – photo copies
  • Refuse collections and recycling instructions
  • Instructions about forwarding mail.
  • Smoke / fire alarm and security alarm instructions including warnings about checking batteries regularly.
  • EPC document – these last 10 years
  • Gas Safety Certificate – when appropriate
  • The current edition of the Government’s “How to Rent Guide”
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