Foreign Nationals & UK citizens who have resided abroad

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Our International Tenant Checks are designed for landlords and agents with prospective tenants (applicants) who have been resident outside the UK within the last three years. These can include both UK and foreign nationals.

International Tenant Checks Include:

TenantVERIFY® International Credit & Reference Checks are a thoroughgoing solution for landlords and agents to verify the creditworthiness and suitability of prospective tenants who have resided outside of the UK.

TenantVERIFY® share data with overseas credit reference and data bureau specialising in international risk management. Our long established network of global risk management partners enables us to verify the financial standing of an Applicant across a wide range of countries.

You should allow up to five working days for our search, analysis and productions on an International Check Report which includes the following checks:

  • Credit history search including financial and payment history, and any recorded debts, debt payment arrangements, court judgements and bankruptcies
  • Overseas identification validation based on the information supplied
  • The applicant’s right to reside, rent and work in the UK
  • Income confirmation and employment reference where applicable
  • Previous landlord reference where applicable
  • TenantVERIFY® recommendations as to the applicant’s acceptability and how to proceed.

Please note: although the checking process verifies identity and right to rent on the information supplied, it is the landlord’s or agent’s responsibility to confirm identity and residency status with the applicant concerned against original official and photo documents.

Tenant Referencing International Search Guide
Country Search Period Court Records & Debts Notes
Algeria 6 years CS/DR/ID
Andorra 3 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Argentina 6 years CS/DR/ID ++
Australia 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Austria 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Bahamas, The 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Bahrain 3 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Bangladesh 6 years CS/DR
Barbados 3 years DR/ID/PR ++
Belarus 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR Only permitted for verification of 3rd party ++
Belgium 3 years CS/DR/ID
Bolivia 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Bosnia and Herzegovina 6 years CS/DR/ID
Brazil 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR ^^
Bulgaria 6 years CS/ID/PR
Canada 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Chile 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR ++
China 3 years CS/DR/ID
Croatia 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Cyprus 6 years CS/DR/PR
Czech Republic 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR ++
Denmark 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Egypt, Arab Republic of 3 years DR/ID/PR
Estonia 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Falkland Islands 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR Only permitted for verification of 3rd party ^^
France 3 years CS/DR/ID
Gibraltar 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Germany 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR ++
Greece 3 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Hungary 6 years ID/PR
Iceland 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
India 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Indonesia 6 years DR/ID/PR
Iran, Islamic Republic of 3 years CS/DR/ID/PR ++
Ireland 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Israel 6 years CS/DR/ID
Italy 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR ++
Jamaica 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR Only permitted for verification of 3rd party ^^
Japan 3 years CS/DR/ID
Jordan 6 years CS/DR/ID
Kenya 6 years CS/DR/ID ^^
Kuwait 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Latvia 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Lithuania 6 years CS/DR/ID
Luxembourg 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR ++
Malaysia 6 years ID/PR
Malta 3 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Mexico 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Morocco 6 years CS/DR/ID ^^
Netherlands 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
New Zealand 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Nigeria 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR ++
Norway 6 years CS/DR/ID
Pakistan 3 years CS/ID ++
Paraguay 6 years CS/DR/ID
Peru 3 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Philippines 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR ++
Poland 6 years CS/DR/ID
Portugal 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR Only permitted for verification of 3rd party ++
Qatar 6 years CS/ID/PR
Romania 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Russian Federation 6 years CS/DR/ID Only permitted for verification of 3rd party ++
Saudi Arabia 3 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Serbia and Montenegro 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Singapore 6 years DR/PR/ID ^^
Slovak Republic 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Slovenia 6 years CS/DR
South Africa 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Spain 6 years CS/DR/ID Only permitted for verification of 3rd party ++
Sri Lanka 3 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Sweden 6 years CS/DR/ID
Switzerland 6 years CS/DR/ID
Thailand 6 years CS/DR/ID
Tunisia 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR ++
Turkey 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Ukraine 6 years CS/DR/PR Only permitted for verification of 3rd party
United Arab Emirates 3 years CS/DR/ID/PR
United Kingdom 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR Only permitted for verification of 3rd party
United States 6 years CS/DR/ID/PR
Uruguay 6 years CS/DR/ID

CS- Credit search returns debt records, banking status, address confirmation, financial status, financial regular liabilities & outgoings

DR- Debt register returns other public recorded debts including repossessions, defaults, historical bankruptcy filing

ID- Identification verification verifiesthe applicant’s identification via address confirmation, bank records & national ID records

PR-Property Register verifies property & land ownership

++ Landlord/Agent must copy & retain the applicant’s passport or other primary identification & retain a copy of a signedauthorisation

^^ A copy of the applicant’s signed authorisation & primary ID (passport/ID Card) must be provided at the time of application

The TenantVERIFY® process is quick and simple:

The 4 Stage TenantVERIFY® Process:

  1. The Application – Register for a User Account – user accounts are FREE, secure and without obligation, then choose the type of check and process method you want:
    • a. Send a Link to your tenant applicant for online completion – this is the fastest method, or
    • b. e-mail the pdf form over to your tenant and have them complete, scan and return it via e-mail, or
    • c. print off a form and have the applicant complete it by hand.
  2. Submitting Information – when your online form is returned – you check the information to make sure it is accurate and click on the “submit button”. For e-mailed and printed forms – transfer the information from the completed application form to our online form before submitting it. You will then be passed through to our bank’s secure payment system.
  3. Processing – we will do our detailed checks and analysis on the information supplied, along with any photos / documents you uploaded, all of which will be stored on your User Account Control Panel for future reference.
  4. The Decision – we will compile a completed report about your applicant based on a wide range of checks and our years of experience. We will give you our clear decision – Accept, Accept with Caution, or Reject.

We do the rest; we will carry out our Credit Checks, finance and residency checks and a detailed risk analysis on the Applicant, plus referencing where appropriate. We will compile a detailed report with our recommended decision and upload this to your account.

SMS text messages and emails will be sent to prompt you and the Applicant at critical stages in process, and you can be assured we will complete the work with the utmost diligence and urgency.

If you would like help or more information about using our systems please contact us via email or telephone.

First Class Service is our goal

Our International Credit Checks with Referencing are usually returned within 3 working days after thorough evaluation by our experienced risk assessors.

Your applicant’s details are checked against information & intelligence we share with numerous relevant data sources and organisations.

Our referencing specialists will contact the referees on your behalf and confirm the applicant’s details: employment history / earnings, and previous renting history.

The International Check Report always includes where possible previous landlord or agent and employer references, or in the case of self-employed, accountant references.

**Always ensure that you carry out thorough identity checks yourself with the individual/s concerned, checking personal identities against original photo ID documents.

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