When Submitting Your Information

Information about your prospective tenants can be collected easily by downloading our printed forms and submitting the information online yourself, or by having your applicants complete our online forms. Using our online application forms is quick and easy and saves you time.

Once the information has been submitted online to us, you will be directed to our secure PaySafe® secure payment system, where your payment will be handled by or bank.

All the information we receive is handled securely through our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protected websites and servers, and we will proceed with the Checks as soon as we receive the information.

Make sure that when submitting information it is as complete as possible to avoid delays. You can provide any additional information or upload supporting documents relevant to an application using the upload facility and the Messaging System in your TenantVERIFY® account. You can also e-mail additional information to contact@tenantverify.co.uk – always quoting the application reference number and the tenant applicant’s name.

The Tenant Checks

We use all the major reference agencies to carry out detailed credit record assessments on your prospects. You should yourself have carried out identity checks with personal photo documents such as passports, driver’s license, visas etc, face-to-face to comply with the Right to Rent Checks. We will follow these up with document verification, residency, including any linked and undeclared addresses, plus detailed financial checks etc.

Basic Checks are normally completed and returned within 2 hours during the working day.

Comprehensive Checks involve us in contacting the tenant applicant’s referees: previous landlords or letting agents and employers. Where the prospect is self-employed we will contact their accountant. We aim to process Comprehensive applications within 2 working days however reference delays out of our control can extend this estimate. You will receive updates on the status of your application should there be a significant delay.

Fast Comprehensive Checks, where we return within one working day, are given top priority. These will be completed to the best of our ability, but should referees fail to respond to our enquiries these may have a qualified response, for example more information needed to give a full assessment, or accept with caution and more security.

International Checks involve us in contacting third party international credit reference agencies for the countries concerned. Consequently, these checks normally take longer but 3 to 5 working days is the norm. It is also a fact that international checks can vary in the quality of the information received depending on the country involved.

A Completed Tenant Check

Once we have done our detailed research and analysis on your applicant, a report will be compiled. This will be up-loaded to your account Control Panel and we will e-mail and send a text SMS message to inform you that the check has been completed. Always keep an eye on your account Control Panel in case our automatic e-mail fails to get through.

Your report will be retained in your account for future reference for up to 12 months. You can download the completed report at any time. The information contained in these reports is sensitive personal data for your screening process. It should not be shared with others, including prospective tenants. If tenants want to obtain information about themselves they can obtain this from the main credit reference agencies for a small fee.

Your letting decision should be informed by the information we provide, having carried out credit and referencing checks, but this should not be your sole criteria for your decision. You need to assess your prospect carefully using a “holistic approach” and following a comprehensive interview. See our recommended methods: ©TenantVERIFY® Advice on Tenant Screening, a 20 point Checklist

To avoid charges of discrimination, all tenant applicants should be put through exactly the same assessment process. This is particularly important following the Right-to-Rent immigration checks legislation.

We aim to provide a Safe, Fast and Convenient Service

Our state of the art systems are designed to give you a swift and effective tenant verifying service which is second to none. We apply all our efforts and years of experience to maintain a high quality online service which landlords and letting agents can reply on.

See our User Guide here

Our Advice on Tenant Screening, a 20 point Checklist here

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