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Terms & Conditions
-  In conjunction with this application Raeburn UK Limited will carry out searches with the  licensed credit reference agency (or agencies) they deem appropriate and may ask them to check all or selected details of the application.

- As applicant you expressly consent to the carrying out of searches and the retention of information obtained.

- You expressly consent to Raeburn UK Limited passing on the results of searches to a prospective landlord or agent and other third  parties for the purpose of assessing a tenant's application, credit standing, insurance decisions, for fraud prevention or the tracing of debtors.

- Where the landlord or his/her agent is the applicant the prospective tenant MUST have consented to these terms in writing - normally by completing a suitable tenancy application form. 

- You provide accurate and complete information to the best of your knowledge and belief.

- Applications by or for more than one party to an agreement will result in a connection between the two at the credit reference agency.

- Payments must be processed before checks are carried out.

- The contract for this work is between the applicant and Raeburn UK Limited.

- By submitting this application you automatically agree to our terms and conditions - see the disclaimer notice

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 Tenancy Application - TenantVERIFY

The Tenancy Application Forms

You should always use a comprehensive tenancy application form. Inform the prospect that it is very important that all sections of the form are completed and that one form is needed for each and every adult occupant.

We supply free of charge:


The signed application form giving the tenant's consent for the landlord or agent to carry out credit searches is a legal requirement - a signed copy of the form must be kept on record.

A Tenant's Application Form is crucial and the most important document after the lease agreement.

The application form records permanently the tenant's declaration as to identity, accommodation and employment histories, income status, references, and personal details  - Smoker? Pets? Other Occupants, Children, Vehicles etc.

Should the tenant make a false statement to gain a tenancy, the form will provide crucial evidence when the landlord starts possession proceedings under ground 17 of the Housing Act 1988 - Making a false statement.

It also confirms the tenant's understanding of the property to be let, the type and length of tenancy and basic terms, costs and expenses to be paid out and the rent and deposit required.

The form is the basis of the tenant screening process. It should provide sufficient information to enable the landlord to contact the tenant, or his relatives, even if he absconds.

It also clearly informs the tenant that credit checks and references will be made in accordance with the 1988 Data Protection Act.

Inform the prospect/s that the form/s should be returned as soon as possible so that references can be taken up quickly and a credit check carried out. 

We strongly recommend that credit checks are always carried out. You may wish to charge the prospect a fee for this process, in which case the form should state this.

Please provide as much detail as possible to ensure the fastest possible response. Read the terms and conditions before submitting the completed form and make sure you have a completed and signed tenancy application form from the prospective tenant authorising you to carry out searches.
Nice car, nice suit, nice chat - no rent!  Don't get caught out - successful landlords and agents have mastered the art of screening and selecting their tenants very carefully. Follow the process of tenant verifying conscientiously, make NO exceptions and ALWAYS do credit checks and references.  
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