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Your Reports

Successful Letting and Tenancy Management

Know your market - The Marketing Plan and your Target Market

Reaching your Tenants - The advertisement, local press, letting boards, Internet sites

Selling yourself and your property:

Initial Contact - often by telephone

The Viewing - personal contact

The Tenancy Application Form - identification & information

Identity Document checks

Credit Checks & Referencing - Credit Report, Employer and Landlord References

Having a Guarantor - when tenants are young, students, or low credit scores

Checking original documents to verify the Tenancy Application Form information and the tenant's identity:

  • to make sure the tenant can pay your rent
  • to make sure your tenant has a good record in previous accommodation 
  • to make absolutely certain you can trace your tenant if she leaves without a forwarding address

The main Documents: National Insurance Number

Passport (photocopy with photo)

Driver's Licence (photocopy with photo)

Utility bill in with previous address

3 months' current account bank statements - optional

Tenancy Agreement

Inventory & Safety Check

Tenant's Information Pack