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Your Credit Check & Reference Reports:

When your Tenant Check is complete we will upload the TenantVERIFY® Report to your on-line account.

We will also send an e-mail to alert you to this.

You can print off and read the report at your leisure, but remember - always store confidential information securely.

TenantVERIFY Report

You can login to your account at any time to check on progress.

Adobe Reader Needed

The reports are supplied in an Adobe® .pdf format.

In order to view these reports you will need to download the free Adobe® Reader from:

Get the Adobe Reader

Contents of Your Report:

Your report will contain information about your tenant or guarantor applicant in the form of:

  • Report Reference Number
  • Decision Number
  • Date
  • Time
  • Your User Name
  • Applicant's Name
  • The full Property Address
  • The Rental Amount £pcm

A numerical credit score between 500 and 750 is marked against a colour coded scale:

  Green = Accept - 629 to 750
  Blue = Caution - 551 to 630 Accept with qualifications / recommendations
  Red = Decline - 500 to 550

Overall Recommendation

An overall recommendation will be given for the individual concerned taking into account the rental amount they are committing to paying.

A thorough search will be made for any adverse information regarding the individual's financial affairs including outstanding debts, County Court Judgments (CCJs) etc.

Checks will also be made regarding residency: linked and any adverse information at addresses given and to confirm if listed on Electoral Roles at addresses provided.

Comprehensive Checks with Referencing:

In the case of a Comprehensive Check the report will also include reference checks confirming additional information about the applicant from the referees provided by the applicant.

We will contact the referees and obtain this additional information:

1 Employer referee regarding confirmation of employment contract, current earnings and any anticipated charges in employment status.

2 Previous Landlord or Letting Agent regarding confirmation of the performance of previous tenancies including rent payment, care of the property, and to establish if the previous landlord would be happy to let to this individual again.

3 In the case of self-employed and company applicants, references will be taken-up with their accountant or solicitor.

The Validation Codes

A system of Validation Codes is used in each report. These give more detailed information when it is requied.

Click here to see a complete Key to Validation Codes (Report Codes)

If you would like to see a sample report please contact us.


Identity Checks

Always do IDentity Checks before finalising any tenancy agreement with your applicants. Identity Fraud is a growing problem, so take every precaution.

Identity Verify

We offer an independent IDentity Verify service. For a small fee you can have any individual Independently Verified for ID at any UK Post Office. Your applicant simply takes the necessary documents along, and later you can confirm the result on-line. Alternatively, you can do identity verification yourself.

IDentity Checklist

We provide a useful and free IDentity Checklist. The main items you should check are: a passport or driving licence with photograph, plus at least one utility bill less than 3 months old, matching the applicants address details. Request a passport type photograph with the tenancy application, or at lease a good photocopy from a passport or driving licence. Keep all confidential information you receive secure.

Data Protection

Landlords and Letting Agents are under a legal obligation to handle, store and dispose of personal consumer information sensibly and securely and are obliged to abide by the principles of the Data Protection Act.