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Check in Procedures

Tenancy Check-in Procedures:

When you Check-In a new tenant to your property there's a little more to it than just signing the Tenancy Agreement and completing the Inventory Checks.

It's a really good idea to use a Check-In Checklist Form so you don't forget anything.

We supply a Check-In and Check-Out Form as a free download.

The Check-Out process is the reverse of the Check-In process so you can use the same form again.

Get the tenant to sign the form so there's no argument later - give your tenants a copy.

The main tenancy Check-In items are:

  • Tenancy Application Form - complete in all key details and signed by tenant
  • Credit Check
  • Identity Check
  • Tenancy Agreement - pre-read by tenants and any guarantors
  • Guarantor Agreement - Deed of Guarantee witnessed (if applicable)
  • Standing Order
  • Rent
  • Holding Deposit
  • Damage Deposit - you must comply with the Deposit Protection Scheme if you take one.
  • Meter Readings
    • Gas:
    • Electricity:
    • Water:
  • Inventory / Photos (tenants signed) (Tenant(s) - please check and respond within 7 days with any queries)
  • Gas / Elec. Gas Check Certificate (CORGI) Electrical Check Certificate (not mandatory)
  • Smoke Alarm(s) Fire Alarms(s) (Operation verified – tenants - please check regularly - change batteries as necessary)
  • Appliance instructions (ALL operating and safety instructions supplied)
  • Burglar Alarm (Operation verified - code and emergency contact details supplied)
  • Mail - forward any previous occupiers’ mail to:
  • Mail - forward any landlord’s mail to:
  • Bins, Rubbish Collections and recycling rules.
  • Stop Taps, Fuses & Isolator locations
  • Emergency Contact Details and Telephone Number
  • Keys - place all keys on a photo copier and take a copy of all keys given.
    Agreed and Signed
    by Landlord & Tenant(s)
  • Original Copy for Landlord
  • Copy to Tenants

Download a Free Check-In and Check-Out Form here