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On-Line Bank Payments

Your On-Line Bank Payments to TenantVERIFY®:

Once you have completed the on-line application form and click SUBMIT, you will be taken through to our bank's payment system.

This is the bank's own payment process which is a secure on-line system accepting all the major credit and debit cards and operated by NetBanx.

It is perfectly safe to use this on-line payment process. You will received a confirmation of your application submission from TenantVERIFY® with a unique reference number for each application you make and also a confirmation of your credit card payment from the bank.

Pl ese note: we cannot start your tenant checking process until we receive confirmation from NetBanx that the payment has been completed.

TenantVERIFY® uses NetBanx Secure Payment systems

With more than a decade in the online payments business, NETBANX is an industry-leading provider of multi-currency credit and debit card payment solutions. Founded in 1996 as the UK’s first PSP, NetBanx has helped more than 10,000 companies accept online payments.

Recognised for their attention to customer support and upholding the highest standards for data security and protection, their clients include both new and established small businesses, governments, utility companies, universities and insurance companies.

Advance Credits

For landlords and in particular agents who use our service frequently you may be interested to know that you can purchase advanced credits through the bank system. This mean you don't need to pay for each application individually - you can buy a block of applications in advance.

This is particularly useful if only one person in the office holds the credit card, or you need to make replete applications all at the same time - for security purposes the bank limits the number of purchases you can make in any one session - to usually around 4.

Incomplete or Failed Payments

Occasionally, you may not complete the whole process for one reason or another. If you have completed the application form but not paid, your form will be stored for future use. When you do decide to complete the process simply re-enter your account, go to Checks in Progress and click on the Pay For This link.

A Limit to the Number of Payments

For security reasons the bank limits the number of repeat purchases to around 4 at any one session. If you reach this number you will need to wait around one-hour before you can make more purchases. One way round this is to purchase a block of advanced credits.